Welcome to Valor Services

Your Success is Our Mission™

Valor provides services designed to deliver precise and multi-faceted value for our clients.

We are an on-call, scalable strategic resource that performs all of our services with military dedication and precision.

We pride ourselves on delivering the very best people and the highest quality of service to our clients. Your Success is Our Mission. ™

Welcome to Valor Services

Human Capital Assets

We pride ourselves on delivering the very best candidates for our clients. We execute every search with a dynamic, precision targeting system.

We strive to deliver candidates that are flat out the most qualified for the position from a technical skill, experience and educational standpoint, as well as commanding the attributes we all want in our organization.


A True Value-Added Service

Valor offers its clients the best of both worlds: specializing in military veteran professionals, while also sourcing the best non-veteran professionals.

Our top-tier candidates demonstrate exemplary accomplishments in their professional pursuits and proven valuable professional qualities.

Valor Services Solutions

Valor’s Oil & Gas Services

Valor offers a suite of services designed to address specific needs across the Energy Sector.  Valor’s Workforce Solutions leverage our experience and networks to deliver optimal people solutions to companies across industry.

Our Consulting Services provide clients access to the capabilities of America’s private sector elite, tailored to their exact needs.